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Western Home &
Design Center

About the Design Center

Explore the Western Home & Design Center, an inspirational resource for modern western and rustic contemporary furnishings. Discover a gateway to a new interior landscape, where
immersing your imagination isn’t just allowed, but encouraged. Enjoy our 30,000 sq. foot showroom offering a rich collection of handcrafted and legendary home furnishings and décor.

To reach the Western Home & Design Center, please call direct 720-583-7755.

Current Vendors include:

  • Always Unique
  • American Natural Resources
  • Andy Sanchez
  • Blue River Traders
  • Carol Braden Guitar
  • Classic Forge
  • Cleveland Creek Log Furniture
  • Creative Western Designs
  • Desert Digs Furniture
  • Eleanor Rigby Leather Co.
  • Escalante Rugs
  • Gelinde Dittrich Designs
  • The Great Blue Heron Furniture
  • Green Gables Furniture
  • JLT Studios
  • Karen Kreek Camp Design
  • Kellogg Home/Ashton
  • Old Hickory Furniture Co.
  • Rohma Mesquite
  • Rustic Log Furniture
  • Rusticos Mexicanos
  • Silverado Home
  • Skyhawk Rugs
  • Sonoran Range
  • Southwest Looms
  • Steel Strike Leather Furniture
  • Tahoe Rug Studio
  • United Leather

Leasing Space

Due to an increased demand for high-end western furnishings, the Denver Mart is proud to bring you the Western Home & Design Center. This 30,000 square foot space has leased over a third of its space and is accepting new tenants for the remaining square feet. Fresh off a re-branding, the Denver Mart now offers private access to the space, an on-site sales staff, full-time receptionist, 24-hour security and competitive leasing rates. If you are interested in joining this exciting opportunity, email leasing@denvermart.com or call 800-289-6278 ext. 5292.

WHDC on Pinterest

WHDC on Facebook