Operation Pollination at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show




How shopping can help your business and the environment!

Denver, Colorado February 2018: The Naked Bee is a company that founded itself on one simple principal that the company should give more than it takes. This created their moto of “All of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.” The Naked Bee makes all of their products with the safest most natural products possible and they never use questionable preservatives! Of these safe and natural products, the main contributors are honey and beeswax!

Operation Pollination started because of the rapid decline in the honeybee population. Honeybees and pollination provide a great deal of benefits to our environment. Studies show that when bees have access to optimal nutrition, they are better able to deal with stress and disease. The Naked Bee started this initiative 3 years ago to help spread awareness and help re-grow the honeybee population. Operation Pollination helps people be bee-friendly by providing packets of wildflower seeds for planting. By planting the seeds, we are providing additional food resources for bees, a small step to support bees and their environment. Any retailer can become part of this initiative! The Naked Bee will send marketing materials and packets of wildflower seeds to give out free. https://nakedbee.com/pages/operation-pollination

The Naked Bee is debuting their newest products and continuing Operation Pollination at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show, February 21-26, 2018 featured in the Salesmark Showrooms M1354 & M1355. Come to the Rocky Mountain Gift Show, order amazing products and help save the honeybees!  Shopping for a cause is not only beneficial to you and your business but the environment too!

February 2018 Dates:
Gift Showrooms:  February 21-26
Mart Temps:  February 22-26
Expo & Plaza Temps:  February 23-26
Apparel Showrooms:  February 23-26

To Register visit: www.rockymountaingiftshow.com