Rock Your Retail World One Seminar at a Time!

Denver, Colorado: Trade shows are a great way to get great deals, discover new products, and create new connections, but what many miss is the amazing opportunity to learn. Seminars are just one of the many resources trade shows offer as an opportunity for education and development. Make the most of your time and investment at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show learn invaluable lessons at our seminars.

A Retail Rock Star
For this year’s show, we brought in Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle. Nicole is an experience retail and wholesale professional. She founded Retail Minded in 2007, co-founded the Independent Retailer Conference in 2012, and has worked for corporate wholesale and retail companies including Adidas, Nordstrom, Sears Corporation to name a few. She offers quality insight to help support your one-of-a-kind business. You won’t want to miss the amazing opportunity to engage, learn, and connect face to face.

Shake It Up
In addition, all seminars have been streamlined to 30 minutes versus an hour in this past. Because of this, we are offering 4 seminars across Friday and Saturday. A seminar would be a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of running from one exhibitor to the next, and to gain amazing knowledge to help your business.

A Seminar Sneak Peek
The first seminar is Friday August 24th from 10-10:30 in the morning. The session will shed light on 10 key factors influencing retailers right now. You won’t want to miss Retail Realities: 10 Must Know Tips To Survive & Thrive in Today’s Competitive Retail Market. Also, on Friday from 2-2:30 is a session on Retail Strategies to Understand, Support & Capture Consumer Dollars Across Generations. This seminar will explore the differences among consumers across the generations while revealing ways to best support each target market of customers. On Saturday morning, August 25th from 10-10:30, attendees will gain in-store event ideas that are nearly turn-key to implement, online strategies to help drive traffic to their physical stores, and realistic ways to motivate your team during the biggest shopping season of the year. It’s worth your time to check out 10 Ways to Make the Holiday Season Your Best Yet. To wrap up the seminars on Saturday from 2-2:30, Nicole will speak about Retail & Tech: 8 Technologies You Need To Know About. The session will explore the latest retail technology you need to know about from in-store technologies to online resources.

Take time during the busy weekend and check out the seminars in Forum Room 1. They are a great opportunity to expand you knowledge and grow your business.

Nicole and her seminars will truly rock your retail world!